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Celebrating ERB & pulps for over 60 years - a HUGO winner !

*** Born in 1960, father of Pulpdom *** Generated over 250 magazines about E.R.B. & the pulps. The last 100 issues in PDF for computers. are only $50.

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Back issues, single PDFs, $1 ea

Welcome to my website! I love books, I love ERB, I love history: ancient, world, USA, military & future. I have 5000 books for sale, mostly fiction, but a lot of history. I read adventure stories and study history.
I have been a Tarzan fan since I was a kid, and am also a dedicated reporter for“Kit” Carson, the American frontiersman (b.1809) of the Soouth West.
I am an old man now, and I do all this for a hobby!

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